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wire-september 2017 mag

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wire: september 2017

Lichens, 21st century polymath Robert Aubrey Lowe talks patching up modular synths, vocalising doom metal, and acting the part. Meanwhile, inside the issue... Peter King, New Zealand lathe cutter to the likes of The Dead C, Lee Ranaldo, Acid Mothers Temple, and No-Neck Blues Band. A report on composers who require musicians to throw their bodies as well as their souls into their performances, including Michael Baldwin, Celeste Oram, Louis d'Heudieres, Alwynne Pritchard and others. Plus: Invisible Jukebox: Sparks; Epiphanies: Maggi Payne; Inner Sleeve: Ryoko Akama; Global Ear: Algarve; Unofficial Channels: Pop Not Slop.

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