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xhin/go hiyama/lapse-sa010 12 (stroboscopic artefacts)

Price: $13.99


xhin/go hiyama/lapse: sa010

ltd restock! Presenting three uncompromising visions from Xhin, Go Hiyama, and Donor. Xhin's "Hepta" is a gnarling, snarling tale that erupts into acrid broken beats. "Tasu," by Go Hiyama, is a perfectly-swung peak-time techno track. Donor's flipside, "Lapse," features sneaky hi-hats while the background is punctuated by murmuring vocals and a weighty bass line.

Xhin / Go Hiyama / Donor – 'Hepta' / 'Tasu' / 'Lapse' [SA010]

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