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zbeen-stasis cd (entracte)

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zbeen: stasis

Zbeen is an electro-acoustic project by Gianluca Favaron and Ennio Mazzon. Zbeen’s improvisational approach is developed from the human-machine paradigm which is represented by the interaction with digital instruments specifically designed and developed for this project. Unlike K-Frame, which was developed as a sonic counter- part to the linear algebra concept of an ordered set of ‘k’ linearly-independent vectors, Stasis elaborates the mathe- matical metaphor but shifts the attention from the geo- metric theme of ‘the frame’ towards a more physical approach to structures such as vector fields and particularly examining the response of the particles placed within them. The basic premise is that the sonic behaviour exhibited by the source particle will depend on the shape of the fields. Specifically, the scope of Stasis is essentially the definition of the potential field of a hypothetical acoustic behaviour.

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