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alex coulton-murda/break pressure 12 (black acre)

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alex coulton: murda/break pressure

ltd repress. Making his Black Acre debut, rogue genre-splicer Alex Coulton takes the label back to its roots in the darkest corners of the club. With certified smashers dropped on All Caps, Livity Sounds, and a long catalog of tinkering with the perimeters of house, techno and grime, Alex's invention and adventure make him a perfect edition to the label's canon. "Murda" is a rock-solid grime/techno bastard child, building a drum workout littered with bleeps, chirps, and claps riding along a tidal wave of low-end. Round two is no less blood-thirsty with the bruising "Break Pressure," which dabbles with ethereal atmospheres before unleashing a drag-jungle beat-down.

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