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allo darlin'-europe cd (slumberland)

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allo darlin': europe

Darlings of the international indie pop scene Allo Darlin’ follow up a critically acclaimed and hugely successful self-titled debut with their new album Europe. The London-based four-piece—led by Australian songsmith Elizabeth Morris, with guitarist Paul Rains, Bill Botting on the bass and Michael Collins on drums—creates perfect, sophisticated pop gems and knows how to put on a effervescent, fun-filled live show. Achingly personal, incredibly poignant and familiar all at once, Morris’s songwriting has deepened and developed since their debut. There’s a sense that Europe reflects the changes in the world since their debut in 2009—with riots and protests across the globe and a deepening feeling of gloom, a carefree album didn’t seem appropriate. Morris explains: “I wanted to make beautiful songs and end up with a beautiful album, not necessarily an album full of three-minute pop songs.... The songs have an awareness of a darker place but end up coming out the other side.” Gloriously catchy, brilliantly uplifting and charmingly intelligent, Europe promises to be one of the most exciting albums of the year, with Allo Darlin’ pleasing their existing loyal fanbase as well as winning over hordes of new admirers. The album is proof that Allo Darlin’ will be one of the bands to watch out for in 2012. “Terrific, witty and heartfelt, like a less moody Belle & Sebastian.” —The New York Times

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