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alter ego-soulfree/lycra (luke slater remixes) 12 (alter ego)

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alter ego: soulfree/lycra (luke slater remixes)

Alter Ego (Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke) present the first vinyl single on their own Alter Ego Recordings. Drawing on their entire back catalog, their label is dedicated to classic material, previously unreleased material, forgotten gems, and brand-new remixes. This 12" contains two Alter Ego classics remixed by Luke Slater in 1993 and 1994. His remix of "Soulfree" employs a Basic Channel-style sound design with dubbed chords and a full-bodied bassline. His slamming remix of "Lyrcra" has been in the bags of Sven Väth and Andrew Weatherall; its cascades of flanged sounds drift in and out alongside no-nonsense drums and percussion.

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