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etapp kyle-continuum 12 (unterton)

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etapp kyle: continuum

Ukraine-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ Etapp Kyle follows his contribution to the 2015 Ostgut Ton | Zehn compilation and two 12"s on Ben Klock's Klockworks label with his debut on Unterton. The fazing bleeps, synths, and subdued claps of the atmospheric "Opto" precede "Ahora," which builds upon this vibe with more asynchronous drum patterns, well-placed drips of melody, distant pulses, mesmerizing pads, and hints of rattles. "Continuum" counteracts industrial hammer jabs and reduced, puzzling synth pads with a steady, stubborn kick. "Limb" contrasts unconventional pulsating, hypnotic synth tones with sharp claps and snare sounds, rounding off this 12" of futurist techno.

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