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australian testing labs-music for aircooled motoring lp (polytechnic youth)

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australian test labs: music for aircooled motoring

Polytechnic Youth kick off the new year with an absolute winner here; a killer full length of electronic soundbites, kosmische experiments and soundscapes made for and inspired by journeys by road. Not a lot is known about Australian Test Labs, but who were Polytechnic Youth to argue when a collection this good arrives unannounced at it’s door?! The artists’ own text still best describes aims and inspiration for this project: “Music designed to cope with the noise of motoring in the VW Type 2 and Type 25 Transporter. Recordings of highway driving were made inside the cab of a 1981 VW T25 Kombi travelling at 80kmh and used to test, compose and mix music that could be heard above or in harmony with the noise of the road and the air-cooled engine. The frequencies used have been carefully selected and rigorously road tested and when played in a moving van, will blend with the ambient sound of the vehicle and create a unique and harmonious driving experience. As each van will differ slightly, so then each user’s experience will differ accordingly, making this a truly unique pleasure for each driver or passenger”. There is a ridiculously strong consistency, and motorik continuity to the set here. A truly wonderful album where the beloved Neu! blueprint groove, sits perfectly amicably between 30 second 70’s kids TV quiz soundalike soundbites, then passes on through the delicious tunefully, Dinger-esque thump of “Moto Moto”, through the industrial drive of “Zundapp Joyride” and sheer electro danceability of “Interflug 82” concluding with the epic super scaled “Autostrada Olympica“. just killer stuff… All dressed in a classic VW themed sleeve and on orange wax, this will go real quick so get on it….

music for aircooled motoring:

auto direct:

moto moto:

zundapp joyride:

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