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cabaret voltaire-archive #828285 live 3cd (intone)

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cabaret voltaire: archive #828285 live

The Intone label was originally founded back in 1992 as a vehicle for Richard H. Kirk's Sandoz project, initially a series of three 12" singles. Richard H. Kirk is perhaps best-known as co-founder and now sole member of the hugely influential Cabaret Voltaire. The Intone label is now re-launched with a 3CD boxed set of Cabaret Voltaire live recordings from 1982 and 1985: Live in Liverpool (1982), Live in Sheffield (1982), and Live in Toronto (1985). Further releases are planned for 2014, including a new album by Kirk and also a 3CD boxed set of previously-unreleased Kirk recordings from the mid-'90s. Cabaret Voltaire circa 1982 was kind of post-Rough Trade, pre-Some Bizarre/Virgin. Following on from and with the same line-up as the successful dates in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka), resulting in the live album Hai, the two live recordings from 1982 on these CDs come from what was referred to as the "2x45" tour. The performances here are unique in that they show Cabaret Voltaire in a period of transition, following the departure of co-founder Chris Watson, and had more studio recordings been made of this phase (see record 2 of "2x45"), it could have well developed into something very different from the subsequent albums made during the Some Bizarre/Virgin period of 1983-1985. The recording from Toronto was the next-to-last date of a North American tour from April/May 1985. The Cabaret Voltaire live concerts of the '83-'85 period were much more anarchic than the studio recordings and arguably just as interesting in their own way, like some kind of soundclash going on in real time. This release will be a good primer for the forthcoming Cabaret Voltaire boxed set, #8385 (Collected Works 1983-1985) out on Mute in November 2013.

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