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desroi-indifferent 12 (manhigh)

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desroi: indifferent

Following on a trio of successes with established talent, for our fourth release MANHIGH takes an excursion to lesser-known regions with experimentalist Desroi. Previously known from EPs on his eponymous imprint and Total Black the German newcomer quickly caught our attention. Beginning with the opener, ‘Indifferent’, we are introduced to his heavily sculpted, hypnotic sound world, where a rolling, repeating rhythmic framework is echoed in the higher registers with heavily-filtered delay loops, and a melodic lead line taken deeply into dub provides both a centerpiece and the basis for many other elements. Another relatively new talent currently rising quickly to wider notice, Phase Fatale’s relaunch of ‘Indifferent’ stays resolutely in his own world, a grinding, banging amalgamation of distortion, punishing in its resolve and propelled by mutated elements of the Desroi’s original piece. His idea of ‘Apathy’ invokes entirely more aggressive emotions than the word’s conventional usage, tightly winding bleeps around a rigid sequence kept in motion by constant effects and sporadic drum hits, which then transforms at is halfway point with the entrance of harder kicks driven by an open hat. ‘Sopor’ induces trance states more than it does sleep; sophisticated applications of delay effects and patient acid combine for a deep, inward-looking hypnotic state with momentary shifts in rhythm and color evoking the ephemeral nature of dreams.

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