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dj sotofett - diggi-dubbi-tripp-mixes 12 (thug)

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dj sotofett: diggi-dubbi-tripp-mixes

Something in the slum went rum-pa-pum-pum. This one is representing Thug’s ghetto side as we welcome one of the truest soldiers in the game. Straight out of Norway, DJ Sotofett, co-owner of the ground breaking Sex Tags Mania / Wania & Sex Tags Amfibia labels. Bumpin across the 12” E.P features 3 remixes and 1 interlude as well as custom label graphics by SO-PHAT aka DJ Sotofett. Recordings based on original versions by Nick Anthony Simoncino & Mark Rogers. Remix & devious production, drum programming, digital editing and dubs by DJ Sotofett. Casio VL-1, piano & MC-202 bassline in session by TAPES. Background vocals by PALEO. Recorded at 6th-EonMANIA-fract2 STD. Final production and mix at 6th-TransWania- fract2 STD, Santiago, Chile.

[THUG 013] DJ Sotofett presents DIGGI-DUBBI-TRIPP-MIXES

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