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dusted lux-neverended cd (preservation)

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dusted lux: neverended

The Preservation label presents Neverended, the debut full-length album from Dusted Lux. The project of Connecticut-based Lee Camfield, he has appeared as Dusted Lux on the artist-run Kim Dawn and No Kings labels, where his shorter releases welded crunching textures and hazy ambience in a curiously soulful resolve. On Neverended, Camfield adds song-form to shape the signature drift of his guitar-playing into bare-boned acoustic folk and against melted sound waves and fractured beats. His voice enters the fray for the first time, lending a plaintive touch to the spooked beauty that defines this diverse, idiosyncratic record. A sunny, jangly strum unwinds from "What Is True"'s shrouding sonic fog -- disarming, bare and tender -- while elsewhere, "A Horse in the Orchard" approaches something close to Dirty Three's floating and shimmering streams and "Adrift" is both a glowing and ghostly atmosphere. This raw set is a jigsaw of feeling, and its sense of movement is vital and ever-pulsing -- such is the searching heart of Neverended that ultimately gives it its compelling focus.

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