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dusty kid-iii 2cd (isolade)

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dusty kid: iii

III -- Dusty Kid's third album -- is a cinematic experience of almost two hours listening conceived as a single piece of music, like a wall of bricks that strictly belong to each other to give the whole album a well-defined story. The album, mixed by using a few different vintage consoles and recording everything on a reel-to-reel tape in order to get a more alive and lo-fi result, moves toward a very underground feeling. There are no easy-listening melodies, but it rather sounds like a saga of dirty, confused, delirious, sometimes bizarre and ridiculous, very dark techno moments. III recalls a noir-horror-fantasy movie. The sinister calm of the opening, made of the leftfield acid ambient landscapes and industrial noises of the first four tracks, announces that something is going to happen and leads the listener into a further level of the game where entrance is initially restrained by a man at the door, "He Won't Let You In." Then comes "Leather Bears Cinematic Suite." The five-track "suite" is a deep journey into '90s techno with its first track, "Doom," being an almost metallurgical hell as the listener climbs the stairs that will lead him into the main scene. "Pandemonium" and "Dark Room" really seem to drive the listener inside a wonderfully-painted idea of what's going on in there. As the listener takes the "Exit 12," the journey goes even deeper into the '90s techno sound. "Yota Wave" is in fact a skillfully grotesque recreation of a futuristic techno trance experimentalism of the early Plus 8 records. "In the Wood" sounds like a track recorded from the radio with a poor quality cassette, the triad "Prelude," "Omega Y," and "Omega X" flow into each other, but in a concentric way, as if they were part of a single planetary system. "Escape" follows in the same key as the previous triad with a flying ethereal atmosphere followed by a massive tribal anthem as "Idklip" simply explodes. "Ending" leads the listener to the light at the end of this journey.

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