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function/inland-odeon/rhyl 12 (infrastructure new york)

Price: $14.99


function/inland: odeon/rhyl

Long-time colleagues David Sumner (aka Function) and Ed Davenport (aka Inland) have teamed up to relaunch Sumner's esteemed imprint, Infrastructure. The label has been lying dormant since 2006, when Sumner focused his energies on Sandwell District. They kick things off with a collaboration under the guise Function/Inland with this new EP. "Odeon" translates a soaring synth solo into an 8-minute percussion-driven version. Modulating toms rise and fall as the strings climb to new heights. On "Rhyl," deeply influenced by the heady days of early Warp, Skam, Autechre and pure electronica, they add a contemporary, hi-tech twist and hints of Sandwell's emotive textures.

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