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george issakidis-karezza cd (kill the dj)

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george issakidis: karezza

a 9 track album inspired by tantric magick, gurdjieff, ayahuasca, & lsd that features guest app from perc & mickey moonlight. how can you go wrong?

Kill The DJ presents an album from George Issakidis. George was always a man apart. Even in his own former band, The Micronauts, he probably did not fit. The tracks on Karezza were born from endless travelling, both inner and outer. Never has exoticism rhymed more with mysticism. As George himself describes, "The tracks represent the alchemical transformation that has been happening, is happening. They are the culmination of all this self-work through tantric magick and yoga, Gurdjieff's self-observation exercises, meditation, Crowley and Spare's magickal systems, trips to the Himalayan foothills to practice and study with Indian gurus and the Andes for ayahuasca ceremonies. They are a release/delving into deeply-rooted subconscious material that found its way into the music. Almost all are one-off live recordings done in a trance. Other results were profound ontological experiences that shook me to the very core and changed my views on everything." Kill The DJ helped in cutting down tracks that lasted 26 minutes to six minutes, spending afternoons in George's flat eating strange food then walking out in the streets as if out of a dream. There is also a collaboration with fellow occultist Mickey Moonlight and also one with Perc. The artwork was done by design-firm M/M, interpreting George's sigil -- his magic sign. Karezza has already blown away acid luminaries such as James Holden, Ed Chemical, Piers Martin, and Konrad Black, and it will certainly enlighten many more in many dark ways.

george issakidis. "cherry red"

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