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halfadder-seergrasp cs (hollow eyes)

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halfadder: seergrasp

Melding together equal influences of dub, sampling, and the driving forces of techno, Halfadder finds a fitting home amongst a batch filled with artists transmuting directly from the margins of Northeast Ohio. While tracks like "Fived Caved" and "Mods Too" have the physicality and texture that dancers and DJs continually seek out, the other tracks comprising "Seergrasp" give a full spectrum peer into the unique variety we can expect from Halfadder. "Techal" takes us on a 100BPM jaunt through sample collage and dub influence, the brighter sibling to "Howz Yer" and "Will Sea", which morph and wobble into an alluring and shadowy bounce. These pieces seek less to inundate the listener with urgency, and instead serve as a mental landscape and canvas, meant for wandering thoughts and nights spent alone. A stroll through the mind, far beyond what you thought you might find.

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