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horaflora-craterellus cornucopiodes lp (crazy iris)

Price: $13.99


horaflora: craterellus cornucopioides

True EAI from veteran Bay Area wizard Raub Roy, with one caveat: fun. Electroacoustic blurps and squirts spew surprisingly and academically, yet are mixed not with dead eyes and cardigans but a hoodie made of bark resting above the collarbone, several inches below a grin. This is textural music for meditative exploration--not for distant worlds or circuitry, but to supplement the ferns growing along a cabin fence and the microscopic worlds those ferns house. Nature can be evil too, but if it kills you it will do so with a Cheshire Catted smile. Features two sidelong pieces, each complemented by Ildiko's cover photograph.

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