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jasper wolff & maarten mittendorff-cosmic language 12 (indigo aera)

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jasper wolff & maarten mittendorff: cosmic language

Two originals by Indigo æra founders Jasper Wolff and Maarten Mittendorff. Since the label's start they have been on a mission for soul containing techno. This release, a little bit tougher than their previous releases, still perfectly maintains the Detroit-esque melodic elements. Cosmic Language EP is about the visualization of soundwaves into geometric forms... Opener "Ante 303" is a loose-limbed bit of techno with straight kicks, spacious percussion, and an always-essential baseline that sprays about freely. Heady but physical, seductively supple techno. "Trica" has more classically driven chords and has real sense of crescendo buried in the bass.

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