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john daly-sunburst 2lp+cd (drumpoet community)

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john daly: sunburst

Fourth album from Ireland's John Daly. This double vinyl comes with a CD version of the entire album. Hailing from Cork, Ireland, Daly first surfaced in 2005 on his then newly-founded label, Feel Music. Since then, he has recorded and remixed for numerous labels, including Plak Records, Drumpoet Community, IRR, Mule Musiq, and François K's Wave Music, on which he released the acclaimed album Sea & Sky in 2009. His music sits somewhere between house music, techno, disco and dub, electronic but still very organic, and extra-deep. Starting out playing in bands, he moved quickly on to his natural environment, the recording studio, and to working with machines, a love of which he retains to this day, still preferring to work with real instruments as opposed to virtual ones. Sunburst has been carefully honed on the dancefloors of the world over and presents ongoing explorations of new sounds, tempos and styles.

track listing: 01. Sunburst 02. Release 03. Cruise Control 04. Pass The Swing 05. Deep Heat 06. Promenade 07. Moon Pool 08. I Got Bells 09. All Night 10. Daybreak

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