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miss sunshine-mixed feelings 12 (vent)

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miss sunshine: mixed feelings

VENT moves closer to its initial tenet: the love for raw and unsullied techno. Miss Sunshine returns to VENT and brings home two strikingly forceful tracks, with Cindy adding to the arsenal with her characteristic grit, and thus the circle is complete as stripped back yield of high grade techno on all cuts, In “Betrayed, Forgotten”, we are left guessing as to what the title refers to, and what the subject of the EP’s mixed feelings is. But isn’t that how life is? The causes forever hidden from us, and we are left adrift in the storm of unknowing. The booming kickdrum towers like a colossal monolith, describing an angular landscape of straightforward patterns. Spinning unrelentingly is the synthline, a mirror reflexion of our perplexion in regards to the many unknowns. Cindy’s remix is as off-kilter as one could ever wish, filled with the frantic energy we all crave to witness and immerse ourselves into. Words can only detract from the majestic complexity of the feeling. Like a mantra, “Order is Chaos” repeats its message in untold variations until time itself has been destroyed in the process. In this timeless state it dawns upon us that chaos is a force that cannot be bridled by superficial fictions such as order or regulation. Where can this better be expressed than on the dancefloor?"

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