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nick sole-flowers for you 2lp+cd (mojuba)

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nick sole: flowers for you

Comes in a hand-pulled, silkscreen-printed sleeve with a piece of handcrafted artwork. Flowers for You is the shimmering debut album by Nick Solé on his home-base label Mojuba. Solé hails from Potsdam (next to Berlin), where he is the city's key deep house figure, backing up his reputation by countless years of being a passionate ambassador of house music since the early '90s when he ran the record store Mbeat and was a resident at the best club outside of Berlin. After all these years, Nick wants to give something back to the audience and his true fans, which led him to the concept of this debut -- each of the 11 tracks can be seen as a unique, lovely flower embodied in music given to you as a sign of his gratefulness. The music will speak to fans of Nick's previous work, who will surely find some new treasures here for their collection and to novices, this album is a great introduction to Nick Solé's inimitable trademark sound. includes cd copy of album

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