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nurse with wound-the surveillance lounge 2lp (norton north)

Price: $46.99


nurse with wound: the surveillance lounge

white vinyl. Edition of 400. "4 tracks, one for each side: on the first 'Close to you instantly' opens a different dimension made by slow piano sound waves, 15 minutes of pure rarefied atmosphere, a spiritual vision of a ritual focused on a dusky note in this hypnotic broken record. The second 'The Golden Age Of Telekinesis' trembles in the deep listening of mysterious reverberations, a clear attempt to breathless run after the flash of a nightmare to drop into a chaotic hole made of screaming voices. The third titled 'The Part Of Me Which Is That Part In You Is Now Dead' calmly introduce the listener in a peaceful landscape to make him experience a dissonant reality. The last 'Yon Assassin Is My Equal' announces the end of a mental voyage towards whispers of recurring litanies and slowed voices in continuous metamorphosis. This is, without doubt, one of the most representative album by Nurse With Wound and it is recommended to use the best care for your acoustic sound system to maximize the pleasure of this experience. Artwork: Babs Santini. Voices: Freek Kinkelaar, Maude Swift, Melon Liles, Miranda Kinkelaar, Nadja Belabidi, Olly Louis Mathura O'Keeffe, David Tibet. Double vinyl, deluxe gatefold cover in tobacco's paper."

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