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ricardo villalobos-the au harem d'archimede cd (perlon)

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ricardo villalobos: the au harem d'archimede

ltd edition repress.  Archimedes' theorem defines the buoyant lift: Diving an object into a vessel full of water causes an increase of pressure inside the vessel. The displaced amount of water, i.e. the lifting force is equivalent to the object's body volume, i.e. its weight-force. Transferring this theorem to the music of the overwhelming parallel universe of Ricardo Villalobos' new triple EP/album length CD, one will realize the following: Diving all of its notes into reality results in the displacement of the same to a high degree, since the music has an enormous volume by expanding airily. Which means nothing but the musical principle of psychedelics taking effect here. This time by using the method of reduction, Ricardo is closer to the tradition of the cultured jam sessions by the legendary German 70es musicians' collective Ash Ra Tempel around Manuel Goettsching (known from his Prototech solo production 'E2-E4') than to the simply structured march through occasionally rather uninspired club metrics. Ricardo's percussive talent is undisputed: the sophisticatedly elastic rhythm meanders of Latin American/Caribbean origin sound as if they have been introduced to the wild from the base of a cool, impeccably clean laboratory which is located somewhere in the Science Fiction vastness of the Chilean Atacama desert. The loss of sense of time appears in favour of the event of intensity. Frequently the tracks appear surprisingly volatile, despite the considerable playing times of several titles which are absolutely required for exhausting the free, rhythmic modulations. One wishes them to last forever, like the whole production.

ricardo villalobos - hireklon - ( the au harem d'archimede - 2004 )

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