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scsi-9 - metamorphosis 2lp+cd (klik)

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scsi-9: metamorphosis

SCSI-9 (Anton Kubikov and Maxim Miluytenko) present their fifth full-length release. SCSI-9 are by far the most recognizable and booked house/techno duo from Russia. With a total of more than 50 releases and 120 tracks so far on labels such as Traum/Trapez, Salo, Freizeitglauben, Morris Audio, Highgrade, Force Tracks, Tyrant and Kompakt, they have earned great respect worldwide and are famous for their eclectic and crystal-clear tech sound. Their "Mediterranean" touch made them stand out among the Russian electronic music community and gave them the role of the "New romantics" and the "Originators of the Russian Deep" according to worldwide press. Their Line Of Nine album showed their pop touch in the new Russian deep house movement -- laidback, cheerful, melodic arrangements growing slowly into a groove. SCSI-9 continue their odyssey through the oceans of electronica, this time together with long-time friends at Klik Records. Inspired by the works of Jean-Luc Godard and Arthur Rimbaud, Anton and Maxim now steer their boat over deep and slow waters. Focusing on the sound that made them famous in the beginning, they experiment a lot with dub and dark ambient and step away from the pop-forms of their recent past. "Schaukel Duo" marks their new dubby statement, slowly evolving into the perfect companion for an early-morning drive. "Nostalgia" keeps a similar dubby tone, using a guitar to get you in summertime mood. "Song From The High Tower" and "I'm Lost" include vocals from singer Gregor Ladenhauf (Zanshin, Ogris Debris). "Alphaville" is deep house par excellence which includes vocal bits from Stylish Murphn morphed beyond recognition and samples of a duduk (a traditional Armenian pipe). The cover photos were contributed by Russian photographer Mikhail Rosanov, who shot them during a recent expedition to Antarctica. With Metamorphosis, SCSI-9 show a musical snapshot of today's reality and transmute real life with a totally new overall sound.

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