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tolga baklacioglu-restless punk 12 (vent)

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tolga baklacioglu: restless punk

vent pushes forward, and the result is its third installment of raw and unpretentious techno, consisting of the visions of label boss Tolga Baklacioglu, and a reinterpretation from Skirt. Tolga communicates in his characteristically straightforward manner, which is important for VENT, and he wants to talk to us about what is hidden inside. Restless Punk is what we all are deep inside. While during the day we display calm and patience, and that we are always in control, on the night we let show that we are all just restless punks looking for the next thrill, eager to revel in the night, with no time to waste on false mannerisms and dilettantism. Skirt takes Tolga’s message to a deeper level, lodging it further into our minds. She lends an unrelenting quality to the original that only serves to further enhance its significance. Hidden Beneath lets us know that Tolga’s philosophy isn’t just the brash words of a fiery soul, but that of someone who knows what a vast landscape exists in each and every one of us. Hidden Beneath is a sacred place, to contemplate and re-evaluate, find energy, and reach assurance in oneself before returning to the reality of a Monday morning. Hidden Beneath is a power cell.

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