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tony carey-explorer & yellow power 2lp (medical records)

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tony carey: explorer & yellow power

Tony Carey needs no introduction, but for the uninitiated, he is a keyboard whiz originally from California. He is clearly most famous for his work as keyboardist in the 1970s band Rainbow (alongside Ritchie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio) up to 1977. He then embarked on a solo career with multiple charting records under his own name. In the mid-late 1970's, he took up residence in Germany and began working in Peter Hauke's studio. Carey embarked on a period of intense experimentation and mastery of various studio equipment, songwriting, and the like. Influenced by what Tony referred to as 'euro-electronica,' the product of these enlightening sessions became Explorer, No Human, TCP, Heaven, and Yellow Power. Though both LPs have similar tracks, the overall mixes and feel of the two LPs are vastly different. Instrumental and very catchy, Explorer is more stripped down almost proto-techno meets synthed out Italo disco while Yellow Power has a more polished, well-rounded and produced sound with a different array of instrumentation and alteration in mood. Released in a sturdy gatefold jacket with 'montaged' new artwork on the front and back but preserved original covers in the inside of the gatefold, this is a gorgeous reissue. Released on double colored 160 gram vinyl (LP1 is green and LP2 is baby blue) in limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies. Release also includes a special bonus insert with a retrospective and interview by Dave Segal. Fans of proto-techno, early synth-based disco, and left-field wave/electronica will need this gem in their collection.

Tony Carey - "Enjaw J" Sample by Medical Records LLC

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