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various-figure spc r 12 (figure)

Price: $13.99


various: figure spc r

Taking the opportunity to delve into the hard drives, DAT tapes and archives of some up-and-coming producers, (as well as some rather well-known ones, like Markus Suckut), Figure SPC goes abstract with this Various Artists EP. Lodbrock builds on a '90s techno stomp, with a paranoid synth trip for the very late hours. Markus Suckut contributes "Sunrise," a deeper jam for the otherwise heavier techno producer. Regal brings "Report a Crash," in an ode to some classic Birmingham-scene techno. A crafty modern banger with a healthy nod to the classics. Finally we get thoroughly "tripped" with Z.I.P.P.O's "Symmetrica Therapy." Endless swathes of synthetic textures are introduced in an evolving, purist ride.

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