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various-strange passion: explorations in irish post punk diy & electronic music 1980-83 cd (b-music)

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various: strange passion

"Focusing on a three year period from 1980 to 1983, Strange Passion is a compilation of rare, unheralded and unreleased Irish music that emerged after the first wave of punk and new wave bands. A time when the raw primitive sounds of punk began to absorb new ideas and technologies and emerging acts were reaching audiences on an unprecedented scale thanks to new magazines such as Hot Press and Heat, RTE Radio 2 and it's Fanning Sessions, as well as new youth magazine programmes on national TV like Anything Goes. Undoubtedly U2 were the breakthrough act from this new generation of acts. However, others such as Virgin Prunes with their Dadaist inspired blend of performance art and punk offered a darker vision tapping into the latent energy of their environs which resulted in extraordinary live events and the odd incendiary TV performance. Live legends, The Threat and Chant! Chant! Chant! were gone almost as soon as they arrived but so fully formed were they already that recordings they did leave behind stand as prime examples of post punk music. Finders Keepers Records/B-Music are proud to present the first ever compendium of Irish post punk and new wave -- featuring extensive liner notes, rare photos with the full participation of the featured artists and bands.

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