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various-the aphotic segments part two 12 (sistrum)

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various: the aphotic segments part two

Following up on the success of Patrice Scott’s Orbital Bliss EP, Sistrum moves further into the exploration of modern electronic music with the 2nd installment of the Aphotic Segments series. Chris Mitchell, known for his releases on Plan B and Vanguard Sound, opens the EP with a driving, minimal builder- "Brisk City." Tony Ollivierra, formerly known as Ibex, is warmly welcomed to Sistrum for this project and “Prophetic Light” lives up to everything we had hoped to hear from him. Patrice Scott commandeers the B-side with “M.F.D.T” – and for good reason – this tune needs a full-side vinyl cut to transmit the hefty, growling bassline on display. Listeners are further treated to an intergalactic journey of swirling soundscapes and mind-tingling synth pulsations.

chris mitchell - brisk city:

tony olliveria - prophetic light:

patrice scott - m.f.d.t.:

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