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various-the black ideal 2lp (unknown precept)

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various: the black ideal

The Black Ideal is our first compilation imagined in close relation with the content of Monograph’s first issue. It is, in a sense, both the climax and the conclusion of a response to the black ideal question; composed for the occasion of eight unprecedented tracks. It invites eight already well established artists as well as newcomers into different horizons, halfway between incisive, primitivist rave-techno and cerebral experimentations - it results in an aesthetic with a background relating to industrial music and soot-blackened sound in cramped basements and dilapidated warehouses; as well as far darker climes refining the edgy inclinations of modern techno. New tracks from polar inertia, shifted, casual violence, and, svreca, & violetshaped

Unknown Precept | The Black Ideal (Preview)

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