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various-the magnificent 12 (cryovac)

Price: $10.99


various: the magnificent

The Cryovac is a machine that is brought to life by a network of players with their own unique vision and technique. Cryovac houses a noble breed that does not bend to popular dogma. This machine functions as a platform for true independent voices to be heard from all sectors of the detroit underground. Cyovac believes in artists that believe in their mission. If a machine is the sum of its parts, then this cryovac is made solid from a cast of devoted characters. Jason Garcia brings his player lifestyle to the forefront with “what the deal”, a summer jam that is a palatial sure shot dance floor banger. Kero is an old master, pulling his sounds from self made mods and tricky analog set ups to tell a story of glitching techno formations coming in and out of focus. Joe Covio is a restless and relentless sound tinkerer that delivers a poppy style of 4/4 that moves logically through nervous equations. Each endeavor works together to build a complete statement of the Cryovac form.

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