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various-this is how we roll cd (keysound)

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various: this is how we roll

This Is How We Roll is a new chapter for the Keysound family; a compilation of 14 exclusive cuts and VIP versions reflecting a new wave of hungry, talented but under-recognized producers building their own sounds. The tracks weave a path between dubstep, grime, synth experiments, jungle, and UK funky, without ever entirely falling into any of the overt patterns of these existing genres. There's light and absence of light, color and shade, tenderness and anger, strangeness and familiarity -- there's even a club-banger whose drums run backwards. Artists include: Visionist, Beneath & Wen, Samrai, Double Helix, Epoch, Dusk + Blackdown (feat. Farrah), Android Heartbreak, Fresh Paul, Mumdance & Logos, Gremino, Rabit, E.m.m.a., and Moleskin.

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