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various-v: five years of artefacts-chapter five 12 (stroboscopic artefacts)

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various: v: five years of artefacts chapter five

After four technically and aesthetically impressive salvos of eclectic electronics, the five-year anniversary compilation from Stroboscopic Artefacts reaches its terminus. Lucy's twelve-minute "Rema Canoero" is suitably vast, with panning bits of tunnel ambience, distorted snaking figures, and metallic ephemera. Donato Dozzy's propulsive "OZ Taped" exhibits a marked indifference to the inessential and a knack for smashing together percussive atoms of a thick and bombastic quality, without turning everything into a fatiguing mess. Sendai's "Inverse Array 1" solidifies the duo's reputation for sonic precision with a highly energized low-end bounce, half-submerged brooding basslines, and cleverly twisted hybrid sounds.

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